Halqa "Ulad Hmer"

The group "Ulad Hamr" named themselves as the village where their members come from. South - east from the city "Safi", the village is located.  The performances of the group consist of several parts. First, there are the hunters, performing with their guns and swirling them over their heads. Then there's the wedding-comedy. The bride is performed by a man dressed in women's clothes. Highlight of their show is the performance of the so-called "Rahali" who drinks boiling hot water out of a copper kettle.

The group Ulad Hmar see themselves as successors of a group, based between the city of Kalaa El Srghna and Bouia Omar. The group not only performs on Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakesh, but also in other Moroccan cities. Their audiences belong to all social classes and age groups.

Mubarak El Fakhar is the founder of the group. Until today, he controls the rhythm to the trance dance with the scissors that he inherited from his Sheik. The show is based on three main themes. First, there are guns spun in the air while dancers perform a fight with scissors and knifes. Second is the theatrical piece of a wedding-comedy. A man dressed in women's clothes plays the bride.  

And third is the performance of the so-called "Rahali" who refers to the saint Bouia Omar. His dance is guided by the rhythm of the group until he reaches a state of trance. Then, he'll grab the boiling hot kettle and drinks the hot water out of it without burning himself.

The village Bouia Omar, located northeast of Marrakesh in the direction of Fez is well known in Morocco. With archaic methods, mentally ill people are treated there.
In the middle of the village is the marabou of the saint Bouia Omar. It is said that the jinn are living beneath the surface of the earth and that there would be a big hole below the tomb of Bouia Omar. It is believed that he has the power to tame the demons.

M'hamed Ez Zahhry, protagonist of the group, was treated 7 years in Bouia Omar. During this time, his hand and feet were captivated. One day, he grabbed into the open fire to drink out of the boiling kettle. Since that day, he has been performing his show where he drinks boiling hot water. He says that due to the Baraka, which he received from Bouia Omar, he won't be burnt.

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